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iPhone 7 Plus Delay Update

So 5 days after I was meant to have my iPhone I got an update on when I can expect my iPhone to actually materialise…

Between 12 – 26 October

And that’s just an estimated date…

  • I paid upfront for this phone.
  • I was told I would get it on launch day.
  • I wasn’t told about any delays.
  • I was lied to by the online chat team.

I’m not impressed.

I understand there are delays, delays happen BUT it’s important to keep every waiting customer updated every step of the wait, we shouldn’t┬áhave to chase it up, we should be told.

I’ve chosen to wait, but I will be seeking some kind of compensation once it arrives, the call centres have been given a blanket ban on compensation at the moment, but I won’t let go until I get something that will restore my faith after this awful upgrade experience!

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