Arriving in London Kings Cross
Meeting Graham on the Train
Stupid Pervy Straight Man
Cambridge’s Flashing Tramp
Apple Store and iTunes Reviews
Cute Boy with a Nice Bum
Hairier Area
Caffe Nero Chit Chat
Charity Workers
Hair in Cheesecake
Hair Extensions
Big Issue
Chewing Gum up the Bum
Getting Completely Lost
Conversations while standing on Street Corner in Soho
Money Maker
Can Strippers have boyfriends?
Too Many Boobs and Lots of Cock
Fiona wants to take all of her clothes off…NOOOO!
Sugar Reef
Nose Job
39 Steps
Going round in Circles
Fiona gets molested by a Drunk Man
Is the word CUNT offensive?
Don’t Text while I’m talking!
Big Bum Fashion
Fiona wants a Pole
Types of Cream
Royston Vassey is who’s real name?
20p to Pee
Fiona’s No Teeth Lover
Munt Anatomy
Japs Eye
Immodium Addiction
Wank Socks
Mars Bar Wrappers
Teri-Aki is Very Tacky


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