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Looking Back

What a weird year it’s been!

What a weird year it’s been!
I found loads of videos from my old phone tonight, stretching back a whole year!

It was so odd to watch, drunken moments, failed vidcasts, random moments of extreme boredom, the occasional video of my penis and so on.

I will share some of them with you soon, obviously not the penis ones, I love you all but you don’t get to see that, unless you’ve given me good reason to share 😉 hehe

So yes, these videos really got me thinking (never a good thing) and let me look back visually – tender moments with my ex, friends acting like idiots and emotional clips too, stuff recorded that I knew I’d never put online (I might do now though).

I think that’s the great thing with modern technology, its allowing people to capture moments of their lives.

I’m glad I make stupid little recordings on my phone, all in all I had over 2 hours worth of clips and I watched the whole lot!

There was video of the night I met my ex, clip of half-naked dancing boys, clips of me interviewing random strangers, clips of my friends drunkenly making out with each other, there are loads!

I really should be off to bed now, have to start work at 8:30am tomorrow! How rude!

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That’s how I feel when I read my journal or find something really old (2 to 6 years, cuz I’m young, beautiful and 25 minus 10) lol, it’s funny how very few people actually get my references. Now I’m rambling. By the way I love the new design. The layout and colors are really nice.

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