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Lost in London

So, I’m due to attend an important Podshow event today, and the day went so wrong!

I waited half an hour for a taxi this morning from my boyfriends to mine, the train was 5 mins late, on arriving in London I couldn’t work the ticket machine, I arrived in the general area of where I was supposed to be and then proceeded to walk in the wrong direction whilst asking people for the wrong road name, with time running out and no telephone numbers to call for help I searched again.

Finding the road but no sign of where I was meant to go from there, my mind blank and no checking my emails via my phone with the directions and finding them blank too!

Searching for an internet cafe and not finding one or anyone that knew where one was, realising I was running an hour late I made my way to King’s Cross Station to use the phone internet terminals they have there,and finding the email saying to meet at 12 for a 12:30 start, so I’m late, missing out on a big event and realising my defeat I clamber onto a train back home to Cambridge 🙁

What a poo day!

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Who knew you had to leave 6 hours earlier than you origionally planned to? Sorry you had the day from hell, but let me tell you – I’ve had the WEEK from hell. Get in touch you little bastard, we need to talk. And MY, what a large cup he’s wearing (in the lovely photo).
xoxo (need a HUG)

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