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MDNA – Album Review

Before you read this and think I’m just writing this review as a dig at Madonna, let me make you aware that I do like Madonna’s music and most of the stuff she’s done….

Girl Gone Wild

Wow – even Madonna doesn’t sound like Madonna in this one – she sounds like she’s had her vocal put through as many different effects as humanly possible.

The lyrics are really simple and it shows that songwriters around the world need not worry about losing their jobs any time soon.


Gang Bang

The instrumental of this track is quite good but again Madonna seems to have made love to the autotune machine again but this time it got stuck on one of the note for most of the song – oh and there’s the obligatory dubstep section, just to be down with the kids!

“Over and Over” repeats Madge – something is definitely over….

I’m Addicted

3rd track in – I think this song could be better if it was a remix and the reason I say that is that the vocals for the previous track could be put over this track and the melody would be the same – and “I’m Addicted” I guess this is the sly reference track for an album one letter away from a Class B drug.

Tune Up The Radio

This is the first song that ACTUALLY SOUNDS LIKE MADONNA – but it’s to similar to Martin Solveig’s Hello, and I am aware he produced the track but it sounds like a demo of Hello with added Madge.

Give Me All Your Luvin’

I HATE THIS SONG – I feel sorry for M.I.A and Nicki Minaj for being convinced to be part of this – they are the only saving grace of the track but let me make this clear – I HATE THIS SONG – and the video…I’m sure you’ve all seen it…just no!

Some Girls

I don’t like the over autotuned vocals – I really wanted to like this one because it’s produced by William Orbit but I just can’t.


I like this song though it does seem a little thrown together but it’s a nice track, I think it’s in the same lyrical vein as Paparazzi by Lady Gaga – you’ll see what I mean if you have heard it.

I Don’t Give A

This is the “of its time” track – references to the things of today – Tweeting etc – I think this might have been penned about her relationship with Guy Ritchie, actually I’m sure this is the so-called closure track.

I’m a Sinner

This is very much like Beautiful Stranger but it again Madonna doesn’t sound like herself again – I can understand that voice change when people get older but too many effects again – oh, of course there has to be a track with religious references in it – this is typical as she can sing it on tour with iconography everywhere to stir up people and generate headlines!

Love Spent

So far none of the tracks have made an impact on me yet, I’m disappointed as I really wanted to like this album – the songs so far just feel cheap, that’s the only way I can think of describing them – there are some great build ups in some of the tracks as there is in this one but the climax is a letdown.


Yes!! I really love this track – chilled out and the lyrics make some kind of sense – I do like a Madonna ballad and this is this albums best track in my opinion.

*adds to playlist*

Falling Free

Another slow song, she should have done more tracks like this rather than trying to fit in and show up the “youth”

Beautiful Killer

I don’t understand why she put this track on the deluxe version of the album, it actually beats a lot of the tracks that made it on the basic version – I like this one!

I Fucked Up

The “It’s My Fault” song – this is another “Guy Ritchie” track – I like it though – the deluxe tracks are better than the basic ones so far – surely it should be the other way around, right?

B-Day Song

I think I spoke too soon….this is crap!

Best Friend

Robot Madonna “sings” about being Friendzoned by Guy Ritchie.


Overall Score : 4.5/10

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