Melt The Negativity Away

I woke up this morning in a real negative mood and had to attend a training day for work which I was dreading, I got on to the bus and I was the only one on it and with the rain pouring outside, it really seemed to match my mood – I took a photo on the bus which I think captures just how I was feeling this morning.

I arrived at the training day and slowly I felt the negativity melting away and I really focused on the things that were being said, I may not be the strongest person in the room but I was going to make damn sure that I wasn’t the weakest.

We had to do role-play and usually I despise role-play but I actually really got in to it and enjoyed the experience and according to the people who judged our role-playing I did quite well too – I was pleasantly surprised – this really helped lift my mood as I’m sure that most people have a preconceived view of me (from a work perspective) and I hope that this has made them think differently now, only time will tell!

After the training day I met Fiona for an iced tea and a Bakewell slice at Costa followed by a short recording of a video for Filthy PhilFi.

I took his photo whilst I waited for Fiona to finish work.

I also recorded a little vlog for my YouTube channel in which I talk about tweets and give thanks to someone who gave me a donation towards getting a new HD video camera!

I like days when I’ve been creative, making things for people to enjoy is something that makes me smile, corny I know but hey!

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