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Milton Keynes

I read this today…

Apologies if anyone lives in Milton Keynes, but i could build a better city on Sim City.

The place is bland, has nothing going for it, every street is identical and designed on a grid system like the game battleships.

I can hear Bin Laden already chanting:

“…WMD’s to D7…”

to which Blair will reply..

“.. move battalion to C2, direct hit..”

and the game goes on.

But the people were nice.

So Funny!!

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  1. Anonymous 14th September 2005

    All the main roads are identical, once you get off the main roads it’s all very different.

    Best designed town in the UK!

  2. Trunk Guy 17th September 2005

    No I agree with you – it’s a hideous blot on the landscape! And I think the residents are confused too!

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