The wonderful Carl has been writing his most recent blogs in the following style and I like it so much I thought I’d do the same because it’s a great way of doing a daily type blog post!

I actually did a blog in this style back when I worked for Vodafone and was stuck on a bus to work – click to read – anyway – here’s the blog!



I’ve just finished a huge mug of coffee and now I’m watching Karl Pilkington : An Idiot Abroad. I’m working later on today, I’m on a week of late shifts, late shifts aren’t my favourite, I’d much rather start early and finish early, the day seems to drag more when on a late shift.

I also realised that I missed a few things out from my pride blog so I’ll probably do a little update and edit later on.


I’ve pretty much got the whole forthcoming weekend free as Tom is racing in Scunthorpe on the Saturday and seeing a wrestling show in London on the Sunday so I’m trying to decide what to do with mine  – suggestions?

Spotted a rainbow on the floor where the sunlight is shining through 🙂

Rainbows Everywhere
Rainbows Everywhere

I’ve just realised that today is my phone upgrade day, I had a look online but Vodafone don’t seem to stock the 128GB version of the iPhone 6S+ any longer, so it looks like I’m going to wait until the iPhone 7 launches, hopefully in a few months!


Why is it that the weather is beautiful when I have to work late shifts? So annoying!


I’m just about to have a shower and get myself ready for work. I don’t start until 1:30pm but I still haven’t been able to find my bicycle pump anywhere and it’s getting on my nerves.


I’ve searched everywhere I can think of for my fucking bike pump, it’s usually always in my bag for this very reason and now I’m going to have to cycle to work with almost flat tyres.


Monday Face
Monday Face


Just on my break at work. As I was cycling to work I noticed that all of the cherry trees are fruiting and some had dropped on the pavement, I may raid them once they are bigger and riper! One of the girls at work bought me a chocolate muffin 🙂



Finished work and made my way home, luckily I was saved by one of the guys at work who bought in his bike pump so I could fill my tyres up with air, cycling home was so much easier. I need to do a bit of tweaking for my Pride blog post too but I might do that after I’ve watched an episode of Kimmy Schmidt (I’m on Season 2, Episode 7).

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