I never knew that there was a Month dedicated to Blogging/Podcasting for a whole month but there is and I think it’s called NaBloPoMo, I did a podcast per day in August – but this time I’m going to try and do both a podcast and a blog post every day this month, shall we see if I can do it?

I will also post a new website that I’ve come across every day this week on the blog, and today’s website is, I love this website, you can write yourself an email to be sent on a certain date in the future, so I’ve sent myself a few talking about life for me at the moment, it will be so odd to read them again, I will have probably have forgotten that I had sent them anyway. Try it out, also inspired by the website they have a book of Future Letters called Dear Future Me which I bought on Amazon this morning.

Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

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