It’s not far away is it? 26 hours to be almost exact, so I thought I’d talk about my plans and stuff for the future, without giving too much away, because ideas are easily pilfered! lol

So, first of all, Spring 2007 will hail the rebirth of UQ Show [United Queerdom] and another new website entitled Queer World Order [queerworldorder].

Also in 2007, A friend and I have been working on a brand new venture, it’s not a podcast/vidcast, it’s something we’ve been talking about and thinking about for a long time and we’re finally working towards making it a reality.

Music – I’m going to try and make 2007, the year of original work, I do a lot of mixing, but usually they are Mash-Ups or remixes/megamixes, I would like to work on my own stuff and see what I can produce. I will also be releasing the 3rd Paradox Vortex Album for free download in January from the Paradox Vortex Site. For those of you that have neved listened to the work I have done under the Paradox Vortex alias, it’s darker and noisier than my usual stuff, for a great example download this [the paradox vortex megamix no.1], which is a 30+ minute megamix of some of the stuff I have done as PV, alot of you may not like it, it’s not to everyones taste, but I feel that it takes megamixes to a new place mixing wise, the megamix features some of the following elements;

A-ha, Spice Girls, Bodger and Badger, Mozart, Dokaka, Willy Wonka, Kelly Osbourne, Aphex Twin, Madonna, Fridge, John Lennon, Bent, Kage Kharn, Kelpe, Twinkleboi (as Kate Bush), Spandua Ballet, Thomas The Tank Engine, Fatboy Slim, Mariah Carey, The Chi Chi Boi’s and Pew.

Plans for the podcast – more video, and stepback sundays [what? wait and see, maybe! lol]

If I can think of anything else I will post it here, I just want to say thank you to everybody that has supported me in anyway, whether listening to my show, my music, reading my blog, You all mean the world to me 🙂

Kisses from the UK

Twinkle xx


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