OMG! So this morning I have been converting all of my VHS home videos to my computer using the magical device, Pinnacle PVT, and when I played back the recordings earlier all I got was a TV show entitled Cleopatra, at first I was confused as I know I didn’t record that, and then confusion turned to shock and shock followed swiftly by anger, I was fuming!

Someone had recorded Cleo-Bloody-Patra over these videos, which may I add are the only copy in existence of them as the original camcorder tapes got mangled up in the old camcorder I used to use, so I was close to tears, losing videos recorded 6 years ago, certain things I can never get back.

I felt sick, fast forwarding my way through the tape to see if Cleopatra had destroyed my memories and it seemed as if she had, FUCKING BITCH.

Or so I thought, I pressed rewind and after watching Cleopatra’s Ass Milk bath in reverse I was greeted by my crazy friends from years ago!

Somehow the video hadn’t saved onto the computer as therefore I though it had been recorded over, it hadn’t.


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