The Pope is coming to the UK soon, and every single tax payer is funding his trip here, I do not agree with this, why should the tax I pay go into protecting a man that promotes homophobia, forbids the use of contraception and hides the child abuse that has been going on?

I do not believe in any religion, I’m an atheist – though this doesn’t mean I hate religion, that would make me irreligious (against religion). I, as an athesist should not have to fund this trip, the fact I have to do so really angers me!

Why should my money fund the protection of a man that preaches hate, he equated homosexuality to paedophilia, his views and bile fuelled speeches have created laws in certain countries that make condoms ILLEGAL, taking away the freedom of choice and installing a religiously controlled state, it turns my stomach! He also says that condoms INCREASE the problems of HIV/AIDS.

He doesn’t believe in the use of stem cell research which is of the most scientific importance and could, in the future, provide ways to treat illnesses and possibly help to cure diseases that currently, we aren’t able to.

The Pope views things as evil, the only evil I see is the Pope!



  1. If you believe that the Pope is “Evil” then fair enough, you are entitled to your opinion but others believe differently. Keep the protests to yourself and let us enjoy his visit.

    1. Others may believe differently and I have no problem with that – I have no problem with people that follow a faith, a number of my friends are religious and I would never tell them what they should or shouldn’t do. I am entitled to an opinion, free speech and all that – I hope you enjoy his visit, if that brings you happiness that that’s great but my personal point of view is just that…my view and as this is my blog I wanted to say what was on my mind.

      Thank you for commenting though 🙂

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