Reasons To Hate Public Transport

  1. It’s really expensive.
  2. It’s slow.
  3. The drivers are rude.
  4. The drivers are ugly.
  5. Chavs use buses to get to the next bus stop, 1 minutes walk up the road.
  6. In the summer they put the heating on full.
  7. In the winter they turn off all heating and open all of the windows.
  8. Prams and Buggies mean I have to stand, on old style buses they had to be folded up and stored away during transit.
  9. Buses smell.
  10. I can walk into the city centre in 45 mins, when I get on a bus the trip can take double this.
  11. When the bus is busy I get fat woman with sweaty arse standing in front of me.
  12. No personal space.
  13. People talking on their phones.
  14. Rubbish Ringtones.
  15. The monopoly the bus company has, there is no cheaper alternative.
  16. It’s public transport!

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