2007 The Twinkleboi Diaries

Recent Purchases

The joys of online sales!

I have bought the following things

  • 10 new pairs of briefs (Calvin Klein, Armani, D&G, HOM and C-IN2)
  • A white Cambourne wool beanie hat
  • 7 different t-shirts
  • Some Sexy Pyjama Bottoms
  • A Watch
  • Some Socks
  • An Inflatable Butt-plug

All in all I spent just over £300 and I still need to explore the sales in reality as well as the online deals.

Yes the butt-plug purchase is a real one, I’m just very interested in a) how it feels and b) how it feels.

Did you all have a good Christmas? Found any good online sales you think I might like?

kisses and snuggles x

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