I don’t know why but recently I’ve been feeling horny, not just a little bit either, unwrapping men with my eyes – well they will wear clothes that don’t leave much to the imagination!

Tight T-shirts and even tighter shorts that cling to those perfectly formed bubble butts in an unforgiving and mouth-watering way, but there is a downside to the increasing heat – some people lose all sense of fashion, style and credibility, I’ll start off with the first fashion faux-pas.

1. Crocs – these have to be, without a doubt, the most ugly, cheap, tacky and nasty example of a “shoe”. Yet people choose to wear them in their droves, some people also top off their “look” by adding the piste de resistance – socks! Sexy! There’s no excuse, if you choose to wear such footwear then expect looks of disdain, despair and disgust!

2. People That Really Shouldn’t Wear Shorts – So some people are just made to wear shorts, whatever the weather so that people like myself are free to gawk and drool at them whenever they walk by, but others, in a nutshell shouldn’t ever wear shorts, the repetitive display of saggy arses, fat arses, no arses, lumpy and misshapen arses is enough to turn my stomach – maybe they used to have drool-worthy derrieri once and still think they’ve got it but haven’t looked in the mirror since that time and if they did, would realise that there bum looks more like a half inflated bouncy castle! Keep that junk away, the world doesn’t wanna see it!

3. People That Obviously Don’t Own A Mirror – I couldn’t believe it the other day when a man walked past me breaking almost every fashion code going – he was wearing yellow crocs, white socks and shorts, and he was really hairy with hair and a beard like jesus and to add to the fashion police’s list of offences – he wore an old man’s trench coat! Wrong!

So this summer, keep your eye out for them – the victims are not them, its us!

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