I find Russell Brand one of the most interesting and intelligent comedians of my lifetime, yes I’m 24 and that can hardly be classed as a lifetime but still, to date, he’s up there.

Just over a week ago Russell Brand and his co-host Jonathan Ross were recording a show for Russell’s Saturday night show, it wasn’t live, all pre-recorded – Now, on this show he rang up the actor that played Manuel in Fawlty Towers, Andrew Sachs.

Russell had slept with Manuel’s (I will call him this because not many people will know him for much else, in my opinion) Grandaughter, a burlesque performer in a group called The Satanic Sluts.

When they didn’t manage to get through to Manuel, Russell and Jonathan decided to leave a voice message and at one point Jonathan Ross shouted out “He’s Fucked Your Grandaughter!”, now I can understand that Manuel might’ve been upset from this comment but the British public, as ever, have decided to magnify it and overload it with misery with such comments as…

This is a quite disgraceful episode. If Ross had an ounce of decency he would walk too, otherwise the guy should be fired. We could find many better ways to spend £18m of taxpayers money.

and this one too, made me laugh

consider possible criminal offences under Copyright Designs and Patents Act Part II re performers rights- eg broadcast of a recording made without sufficient consent….Andrew Sachs’ answerphone recording was re-recorded and broadcast seemingly without his consent…??
Angela Jackson (Solicitor)

I don’t know of many people that would put in there Job title on a web based comment system, that is fucking stupid and makes the “Solicitor” look like a Pillock and an interfering cow…

Brand is a one trick pony with his fake victorian mannerisms and Ross is so full of his own self importance. Sack them

Half of the people calling for Russell and Jonathan to be sacked probably never even heard the show, I myself, being used to Russell’s humour listened to the show’s podcasted broadcast and though I thought it a little bit silly, I don’t believe in anyway that they meant any harm, they were caught up in the moment of it all.

But the thing that pissed me off with the whole media coverage is that this got bought up in the Houses of Parliment, Gordon Brown, seriously, you have other things to be worrying about!

Russell just announced that he has resigned from the BBC, which is sad but I know he won’t just fizzle away into nothingness, he has an amazing talent and I feel bad that he has been made the scapegoat for something so silly, the BBC are stuffy and so far away from being in touch with the public, all of the stuff they show on the TV at the moment is all aimed at the middle-aged middle class, Strictly Come Dancing…I mean really, that show is the biggest waste of money, time and life – and I cannot stand Bruce Fucking Forsyth!

R.I.P The Russell Brand Show



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  1. Why thank you, i think you are a nice person…yes rip my show but don’t worry, i’m still on channel 4, so tune in

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