I’m sat in Starbucks at the moment and was meant to start work 5 mins ago but the manager of the other store told me to sit down and wait until he comes to get me, which means the coffee I’m drinking should wake me up in time for starting my working day 🙂

I love this Starbucks, it faces out onto a busy part of Cambridge and I’m people watching (not in a perverted way) – people rushing around trying to get to work in time, old men walking past at the pace of a dead snail, women dashing around on bicycles.

I’m off work tomorrow and I’ve got to call HP to get my laptop fixed, can’t imagine why it’s just stopped working, its weird!

Anyway, in the time I’ve had to write this blog I’m not at work, its quiet so far which is nice because I can slowly feel the caffeine flowing around my veins, sparking my tired head into wakey-wakeydom 🙂




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