Saturday Night

Wow, what a fucking great night!! I danced, I took photos, I saw my ex!! Euuurrgghh!!!

Mind you, he’s put on more weight and his boyfriend’s a minger…karma makes me smile!

Tina Cousins was great, fantastic performer, brilliant voice and so down to earth, she sang my fave song of hers, Killin’ Time, I┬ámissed Titti Le Camp tho!! (mega ohmehfulness)

Tina gave me a signed double vinyl of Hymn and I managed to get a few photos with her, Yay!!

I’m really proud of some of the photos that I took, they look great!!

Walked to the Addenbrookes/Queen Edith junction with Glen and then we went our own separate ways, by the time I got home, the sun was up and the birds were all tweetering and then as I tried to get in, I couldn’t because the door had been locked from the inside, so at 5am-ish I knock loudly until I’m let in!! lol

I then collapse on my bed and sleep til 5pm lol

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