Sick of It

I’m really fed up with stuff at the moment, everything is annoying me!

I’m having a minor blip from my usual self, this happens occasionally, usually starts with general moodiness and ends up with me being really anti-social and weird – I don’t know why it happens, I don’t think about it usually, I just ride it out – I guess, and this sounds retarded, that because recently things are going well that I autopilot myself to feeling down just encase the good things don’t last.

I went out last weekend and drank – something I rarely do, and I think I realise why – I seem to deal with the guilt of drinking for a few days afterwards – I’ve never been a drinker and I think this stems from the years I’ve had to put up with my alcoholic stepfather, which I suppose is kind of like a blessing in disguise because I know that I will NEVER be like him.

Pre-emptive guilt? Is that what this is?

Sometimes I wish I could make sense of it all!

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  1. Maybe you subconciously feel that you need to find something to feel bad about because things are going so well. Try to reflect on the good things in your life before going out to “find a cloud to rain on your parade.”

    If you didn’t want advice and just wanted someone to listen, sorry I gave advice, but know that I listened.
    Hope you have a great day.

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