As of Monday 11th June I shall be starting Slimming World and to be honest I am so nervous about it all!

I’ve lost weight before and then put it all (plus more) back on, I hate the way that I feel and how my body looks and feels too – lots of people I know have managed to lose weight and keep it off on slimming world so I have decided that’s what I shall be doing too – I’ve joining a weight loss forum and also I’ve set up a YouTube channel where I shall be documenting my progress with my weight.

Have any of you ever done slimming world before?



  1. A few people I know have had success with Slimming World. It seems more realistic than some of the other weight loss programs. And if you’re a keen cook, their recipes are genuinely really nice! Not like the Weight Watchers crap you can buy. I’ve tried changing my diet a few times and I know it’s hard to keep up but if you’re determined enough I’m sure you will adapt soon enough. Good luck to you!

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