Hello, still haven’t slept yet…lol, have been browsing the web lots today in order to find interesting/inspiring things, so far no good, but I did stumble across a weird little site which had me shocked and surprised www.savetoby.com don’t donate…I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one HUGE fraud thing.

Anyway, musically it’s been a dry day, not creative…maybe it’s because I’m in some kinda insomniac block of creativeness, am going to get outside tomorrow, post the eBay parcels, take photos and sample noises and sounds, should get my creative juices flowing…it’s Thursday, FUCK, where has the week gone?

I need a hair-cut and a diet plan and then finally (but should be first really) a job.

I want to go back to education, learn computer type stuff, web design, programming, media stuff, i.e. music, film, etc. Gah the world of plans, I’ve never been one to plan things, unless I am certain it will happen and I will be able to make it, dunno why, it’s just the way I have always been.

I’m meeting Fiona on Saturday after she finishes work, I’m going to attempt a Vlog (video blog, see also www.tonyhayden.com) so might be fun to see what I end up with.. I have this feeling that when I fall asleep I’m going to sleep for ages, wake up at 5pm or something, I mean I have no schedule, which kinda frightens me in a way as I’m not doing much but in other ways it’s great, it allows me to be able to rise and fall how I wish, though the money situation will get worse as time minus Job carries on.

To Pay

  • £25 pounds HellHole Card [from here on Argos will be referred to as HellHole]
  • £70ish pounds website renewal
  • £30ish pounds to renew Norton Subscription
  • £25 every 25th of every month.

hopefully with my final pay packet I receive lots of cash (fingers crossed) that way I can still sustain my internet access (no I’m not an addict), 56k I hear you shout…sorry, NO! Once you have broadband there is no way you can go back…without feeling the slowness drain your time and brain power.

Maybe eBay will be my saviour… OR NOT!!

Ciao bella xxx


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