Do It For You

A lot of people when venturing on a new diet or healthy routine decide to share it with the world on social media, maybe there’s an accountability aspect to doing so because if you talk about it all of the time then maybe that creates feelings of guilt of food-shame?

First Class Friday

As I write this I’m currently sat in first class on a train to London for mine and Tom’s 6th anniversary, I’ve never traveled in first class before and I have to say I will probably do it again in the future because there was none of the rushing and getting stressed about being able […]

The Queens Head at Blyford

My boyfriend and I managed to discover this gem of a pub by randomly choosing somewhere close on the Sat Nav whilst we were away for my 30th birthday. The pub is beautiful and cosy, the landlady was kind and cheerful and the food…..oh god, the food! We both had a starter of pigeon, not something you […]