I can’t wait until tomorrow, I have a day off!

I’m going to have a lovely lie-in and then a nice hot long soak in a cocoa butter enriched bath – after the relaxation I’m going to go for a walk to one of Cambridge’s biggest parks and take some photos (weather permitting) then after that I’m going to get things finished with Project C and I guess I could record a podcast too.

At this moment in time though, I am stuck in Cambridge’s rush hour traffic and trust me it’s not something you want to find yourself in, its enough to drive a perfectly sane person crazy!

I thought I’d also update you on my current underwear situation (that turn of phrase sounds like my underwear is going through a predicament, it’s not, it’s just supporting my gargantuan phallus).

I’m wearing some amazingly good 2xist, black and snug and the material is gorgeous !

I’m still in traffic, and becoming ever so slightly travel sick so I’m going to get going – kisses x x


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