The Return of Real Blogging


I was thinking a lot today about creative things and stuff….vague I know but I wanted to talk about this so that’s what I shall do!

So, this blog – I started it in 2004 and it used to be a personal blog of stuff that was going on in my life and then over time it became a place to write the very occasional post about a particular topic or theme.

I miss blogging and I want to get back to making it personal again with the occasion topical post once in a while so that is what I am going to do 🙂

I know I do my sporadic podcasts here and there and also I tweet too but I want this to be the place that you can get to know the real me and so you can know about some other things about me!

I will try to update regularly and share with you anything I might have done during the day, etc.

As always I appreciate any feedback and you can do so by leaving a comment on the post themselves or via twitter @twinkleboi.

So what have I done today, I spent the morning editing two videos for my YouTube channel – The Twinkleboi Channel.

The first video uploaded was this one…


A short one about Friday the 13th and superstition and so on, and the other one I did was another one of my out-take videos which I shall be uploading either tomorrow or on Sunday.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know of my plans for blogging and so on and hope that you enjoy them!

See you VERY soon 😀

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