The Snooze Button

8:11 am

The last two days that’s all I’ve been remembering as reality hits me as I wake up and see my alarm clock,

I set it in the evening and it wakes me up, but I’ve gotta love that good old snooze button and for some reason, I believe it has a limit before the snooze becomes off, so I’m there, happily pressing the snooze button gradually waking up and then it just stops, letting me fall back into slumber.

So, this being the case, I have to jolt out of bed and get myself ready and to my bus stop within 20 minutes. I’m not saying that its impossible but if there’s one thing I cannot stand, its rushing, it stresses me out to the max, puts me in a bad mood for the whole day.

I’m now stuck in rush hour traffic, in torrents of rain and I’ve missed breakfast, yesterday was the same, well kind of, I had breakfast but had to shell out £10 for a taxi!

Grrr! kisses xx

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