There used to be a time when if I was tagged in an unauthorised (which basically means not taken at a flattering angle) photo on Facebook I would get really annoyed and made it my mission to un-tag myself as soon as possible – I hated it and people would always do it when I was away from my computer and I couldn’t un-tag myself which pissed me off to no end.

Things have changed.

For those of you kind enough to have added me as a friend on Facebook (feel free to add me), you may have noticed that over the last week or so I’ve been uploading a lot of photos to my timeline, there are a few reasons for me doing this. Timeline is great, I can add a photo and add its location and date it was taken and it puts itself in the right place in my timeline – I love things like this because over the years I will be able to look back and see places I went and the like, yes I can do this by looking at old photos but there is something about having them placed in a timeline that I love, it appeals to my infogram/stats love. The other reasons for uploading them is, and I quote my recent status from Facebook…

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve been uploading SHITLOADS of photos from way back when, to now – I used to worry so much about what people thought of me and I used to get very annoyed when I was tagged in an unattractive photo on Facebook – but now I honestly don’t care 🙂 This is me! 😀

I really feel that I’m almost at peace with myself – I’m human and I have flaws (Double Chins, Bad Hair, Spots, etc), I’m overweight (but starting to lose weight) and I used to think that everyone would think the worst with every photo posted – but now, I don’t care!

I make a complete arse out of myself when I record videos with Fiona and I look like an absolute twat most of the time but as long as I’m entertaining people then that is all that matters!

I guess I’d like to class myself as open source…yeah, I know that sounds weird but I purposely make myself really accessible for people who enjoy the stuff I create, I don’t believe in having a wall between myself and the people who like what I do!

In June I was offered my own show with a radio station called Just Radio, which made its debut on 30th June, if you are interested in hearing what they sound like and want to hear something slightly different from my usual podcast then you can download any of my previous shows via my page, you can always tune in on Saturdays at 1pm UK time and hear the show live – thank you to Matt from Just Radio for giving me such an amazing opportunity!

At some point in my life I would like to write either an e-book or a massive blog post about my life, it’s been a rollercoaster ride and although I’ve shared almost everything on my podcast, I still feel as though there are some gaps in the journey I’ve shared with my listeners for the last 7 years.


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