The Life of Toby

Time Machine

There are days when I really wish that I could change things that I had done in my life, decisions I never made and choices made incorrectly – life could’ve been so different.

I left school at 16 and applied to do a Childcare course at Cambridge Regional College and when I turned up on the day to start my course I was told that I wasn’t in the class and it was full – I knew for definite I had applied for this course, I know that the mini interview I had was for this course…it turned out that the college had fucked up and the only way I was getting into this course was to apply for next year – pissed off I decided to look for a job and that’s when I started working for Argos in October 2000 and then, as retail does, I stayed until March 2005.

I always wonder what different life I could be having now if I had started that course, would I be a Manny (man nanny), a nurse?

Who knows?

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