Tomorrow is a BIG day, tomorrow is the day I leave Cambridge and start a new life in Manchester, I’m sat at Leo’s old house and I’ve got this feeling deep inside of uncertainty or unfamiliarity, its weird to see your whole life in boxes, memories, special things I hold dear to me.

I think the feeling of homesickness is well and truly sinking in now, and it’s hitting me repeatedly like a frenzied 18 wheeler, this is so new to me, so new, and so fast, I haven’t seen Leo for 2 weeks and it feels longer, and I miss him, I miss not having said goodbye to my friends [face to face] and I’m going to miss Cambridge, my home town, the place I grew up, the place I was bullied in, the place I lost my virginity in, the place I broke my arm and split open my knee in, the place I learnt what I know today, the place were I know my way around, the place where…

Oh these feelings I have aren’t unnatural I know, because I will settle in Manchester, it may take time and tears and tantrums but I will settle.

Packing all of my things was a very strange thing to do, maybe not to some of you because you’ve been there, done that, but for me…First time ever!!

I’m scared, and I’m actually crying while I’m writing this, I’m going to miss my mum sooooo much, she means the world and so much more to me, she is the person I aspire to be, the person that stood by me and rescued me on more than one occasion, the one person I know will never judge me, I’m going to miss her, and her cooking and her hugs…Oh her hugs!!

A mothers hug is the most precious thing in the world, I will see her tomorrow morning as I load all of my stuff into the moving van and then we’re off, I will cry rivers tomorrow, I think its going be the most emotional day ever, I also think that at the moment all of my emotions are hyper-sensitive, which isn’t so helpful but, I suppose, expected….

Well people, this is the last blog from East Anglia, the next time I post will be from Manchester, if you want to email me, PLEASE DO.

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  1. You’ll be fine hun, can’t believe it’s nearly 3 years since I made the big move from Cambridge to Manchester, I went through all of the stuff you went through in the post, and if i’m honest I do get homesick from time to time to, just try and remember its you and Leo starting your new life together, and thats got to be a good thing.

    On another note Manchester is very happy to have you guys! Its a fab city and I get one of my bezzie mates from back home back!

    Steve & Glen xx

  2. Hey… i hope the move is going well–since as I write this I imagine you’re on the highway heading to Manchester.

    As you say in Britain–keep your pecker up! My fingers are crossed that everything goes well.

  3. twinkle, Are you alive?!
    there’s been no podcast or news for over 2 months!!!
    Does anyone know what’s happened?

    i really hope he is OK.

    Brisbane, Aust.

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