Try it, Risk it, Do it, Feel it

So, what a difference a month and a bit makes, everything seems to be slotting into place!

Where do I start?

  1. I have a new job, a complete career change, something that I’ve not done before but something I feel will be more rewarding and challenging than my previous retail or sales environment.
  2. Exercise – something I’ve always kind of done on and off has now become ON, I’ve taken up running and although its difficult at the moment, I am certainly feeling the effects and feeling myself getting fitter, I even went to a specialised running store to have my feet analysed for the correct shoes and bought some sport gear to run in too, something I don’t usually wear!
  3. Eating – I’m finally on top of my evil eating habits (I hope) – and I’m losing weight, this makes me happy!

Of course there are other things I still have to get done, I have to learn how to drive in 6 months time, I want to get my passport sorted still (this has taken a backburner due to all the recent changes), and I need to complete a project I’ve been working on with a friend, who I’m quite surprised hasn’t given up on me yet! If I were him, I’d want to slap me!

Change is good!

Try it, Risk it, Do it, Feel it.

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