I seriously am rather geeky!

Things like plug-ins, little applications and stuff really make me happy!

So today I have been working on all of my websites and making sure that they are all mobile friendly and I have to say it was all very easy, I used a wordpress plug-in called mobilepress and now everyone can visit my blog, podcast and other such sites without having to worry about the cost of bandwidth, even though nowadays most mobile companies offer an unlimited internet package – but even so it would then be down to time, waiting for a page to open – well it’s simple now!

And also while I’m geeking out, I’m now using a great piece of software called Ecto, Ecto allows me to blog on an application, and as I have rather a few blogs and sites this software makes it easier.

I didn’t realise but I have a lot of websites, 14 in fact

  • twinkleboi.co.uk (active)
  • twinkleboi.com (active)
  • tobydylan.com (active)
  • filthyphilfi.com (active)
  • twinkleboi.tv (active)
  • crabpaste.com
  • sonicskyrecords.com
  • ihaveamassivecock.com (active)
  • cbgay.co.uk (active but not updated)
  • paradoxvortex.com (active)
  • queerworldorder.com (active)
  • unitedqueerdom.com
  • sexysexshow.com
  • thefutureshow.tv (active)

I used to have a few more but I let them expire due to none use, and some of the above list I haven’t got round to doing things with but they will eventually evolve into something.


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