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UKonline Update

If it wasn’t for modern technology this blog post wouldn’t be getting to you even though I’m offline with UK”online”.

Let me tell you all about the troubles I’ve been experiencing – unable to upload any files of any size, mp3, jpg and even a word doc file of less than 100kbs.

I called them yesterday morning to inform them of the problem and after fully explaining myself they asked me to do a speed test, I did so and the speed test failed due to bad connectivity.

Today, the connection is truly at its worst, constant line dropping and no resolution apart from being told that there was nothing they could do I that I should email their highest level of tech support, which I have done so I’m waiting to hear back from them – to be honest I will give them 48 hours to respond and then I’m changing ISP for good!

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  1. benjamin page 18th December 2007

    it’s me hahahhaha!

    what’s ur address? home address? i want to send u soemthing.

    it’s a surprise!

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