It’s been quite a while since I last blogged about something and I thought that today would be better than any other day to do so… It’s not going to be about a particular topic or whatever but more a textual version of verbal diarrhoea!

For those you that follow me avidly, you’ll know that I recently had surgery on my right knee to remove a section of my meniscus (knee cartilage). I injured it back in June and only recently had the operation to remove it on the 20th November 2009.

I did have two choices in regards to my knee, I could have not had surgery and risked having the same injury again and agian, or to have the torn cartilage removed and expect that in 30-40 years time that I might experience pain in the knee.

I plumped for the surgery!

On the day of surgery I was required to check in at the hospital at 7am, which I did – however I didn’t have my operation until around midday, I was kind of expecting this as I was third on the operation waiting list for that day.

I got to wear some ghastly stocking on the uninjured knee to avoid getting DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in the leg during theatre.


See, isn’t it just so HOT….. lol!

I got wheeled into the operating room and luckily had a very friendly anaesthetist from Bulgaria who told me all about her sister that worked for Bulgarias version of MI6 – I was then put too sleep….

I work up at around 2pm and my recovery room nurse was an ABSOLUTE bitch, not only did she not ask how I felt but she sprayed me with saline whilst injecting my cannula and then didn’t even wipe it away! I was then wheeled down to the ward I was to be staying on, although I didn’t know this at the time, I thought I was going to be in and out on the day but after my physiotherapist came to see me, she said I wasn’t ready to go home and would have to stay in overnight!!

I was the youngest person on that ward by at least 40 years, I’m guessing that a knee injury is an ‘Old Man’ injury!

I decided to spend £5 on one of those PatientLine 24hr services which provide bedside television, radio and phone line, well guess what? It worked for all of 3 hours and then died, all services lost and also no operator to report the service was down!

The following morning I had another physiotherapist come round to see me and she took me on to another ward to see if I could climb the stairs, it sounds easy…it wasn’t!

The physio lady was happy with me and decided that they were going to discharge me and I eventually left the hospital at around 3-4pm on the 21st


In other news, it’s officially christmas time and advent calendars can be opened now 😀


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