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Vote Obama!

I’ve become addicted to the coverage of the American elections, and how disgustingly vile John McCain is, riding around in a bus called the “Straight Talk Express”, yuck – that guy makes me puke!

He looks like he shrugged and got stuck, his face is an odd shape and he is way too old, though people will turn the age thing into experience and try to make that work in his favour.

Watching and reading the news I keep seeing happy expectant faces in the crowds that Barack Obama commands, they know Obama is the way forward and McCain would lead America into years of crap.

Now I rarely comment on politics but I think with these current elections going on, it’s hard not to do so – I’m fascinated by it all.

McCain and Palin look like some kind of 60’s supervillains, and Palin – the only viable reason McCain chose her was because she “represents” every stereotype going, I don’t even need to name them – you all know what they are, and don’t get me started on the God+Politics stance she has, I’m not against any religion but I believe that the two shouldn’t be put together.

Joking aside, If you are an American reading this…

Vote Obama! Vote for Change!

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