I love Wii Fit, it’s amazing and I have to say, I’m rather addicted! I’m only on my second day of usage and I really like it – I’m enjoying the fact that I’m working out (kinda) and not realising it, I’m addicted to the Super Hula Hoop game and I can feel my stomach toning.

That said I’m eating healthily and walking to and from work so this time next year I will be thin and gorgeous, just like Wanda Wisdom and my lovely Auntie Ness – both of them such a huge inspiration towards reaching my goal – I know it’s going to be difficult sometimes, I know there will be time when I want to cave in to temptation, but I also know that I’ve done it before and I can certainly do it again – I can become the person I want to be!



  1. Love my Wii fit as well and try to use it as much as possible. I have been doing a series of weight loss shows so hope will help keep you motivated! One of the people on the show was the wonderful Wanda Wisdom!

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