It’s weird not having a computer, i’m so used to using it and its day 1 without it and I’m incredibly bored!

I can’t catch up on my American TV
I can’t upload a podcast
I can’t even watch a DVD (Parents are using our player)

I never realised how much I kind of depended on my computer, alot obviously!

It could’ve been worse, I could’ve lost a lot of files but luckily I have had everything on my 1TB and 500GB hard drives, otherwise I would’ve cried!

The amount of stuff I have on those hard drives is scary, photos I have taken since 2003 of which there are about 17,000 – lots of video, music, etc.

I have lost all of the programs I had installed but they can be easily reinstalled when I either get my laptop repaired or when my new computer arrives, but if this is day one, what will day two be like! I dread to think!


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