So, today is the second day in which I don’t have a computer and although I miss it alot, I’ve been able to really think about everything, including the way my life is going at the moment vs the way I want it to be going.

Now I know this next sentence may seem a little bit up my own but what the heck, in for a penny, in for a pound!

I feel like I’m on permanent dumb-down, like I’m understretched and my talents going to total waste – I feel trapped in many ways! My mother and I managed to have a decent conversation tonight about a lot of things, we covered work, life, people and I came out thinking that I’m really just scared to make some form of big gesture of change because the last time I risked it, it went completely tits up!

Today was also the first day of my refocusing my energies and time into being more healthy, I walked into work and really enjoyed it, work was incredibly dull, I had to stand at the front of the store all day saying hello, whilst my feet and back were trying to give up on me, I told myself that I would still walk home unless a bus was right outside my work and there one was waiting for me when I finished, I’m eating better again, and yes I know it’s only the first day but I am determined to blitz the bulge and I WILL DO IT!



  1. Don’t you have the Wii Fits? I do at least ten minutes of Wii Fit every day in the mornings, before walking to school, and I have lost about a pound a week. 10 to the date and I have not gained any weight back. The Wii Fit is Rill good.

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