Hewwwo!!! It’s 5:49am, I am still awake…I will get my sleeping patterns back to normal!! Insomnia tho, it seems is winning over me!! Grrrrr!!!

Wednesday wasn’t a good day at all, at first I wasn’t going to bother posting about it but I think I will do now.

Mum came into my room at around 7am to get the phone, she tells me that J is in hospital, after having been found to have cancer, a form of leukemia, though we haven’t heard anything new as of yet….(fingers crossed)

then something else happened but I won’t disclose that.

twinkleboi.co.uk has just been updated, with a few tweaks here and there and new graphics, etc, my KFC advert remixes are being discussed on loads of message boards too, and people are blogging about it too!

also bushwhacked is still going strong, though still many people out there that need to hear it, I even sent an e-mail to the man himself, lol!! George W Bush!!

Also the Freemix project thing has returned, basically if somebody wants a remix done of themselves/band etc then all the have to do is contact me 🙂

I can’t find an e-mail for kfc, i want to email them about my advert remixes!! lol
after today there is only 7 days to go until Dot Cotton and me and R aka cbgay.com will be there taking photos 🙂

speak soon, and have a great day whatever you are doing…..I sound like the look east morning news woman!!! erm…….yeah

byeeeee xxxxxxx

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