So, what are we? a week into the new year and what an amazing start, I’ve been to London twice. I’ve taken a speedboat down the Thames at night (AMAZING!) twice, and of course I’ve seen the Spice Girls twice….This year feels good, and it’s only just begun!

On payday I’m putting everything into clearing up the remainder of debts and so on incurred over Christmas and the new year, I did go a little mad in the sales…Over the past week I have purchased about 19 different t-shirts and over 20 pairs of new briefs…call me mad but I thought I’d treat myself šŸ™‚

I took a look at my finances this month, a little bit tight but manageable, my Blackberry has stung me with a Ā£121.42 phone bill this month! Plus, credit card payments to be made, I thought, why not pay them off and then not have to worry about them, start the new year out of debt and all that, it makes sense…and people, this may shock you…but, on Wednesday….I’M GOING TO THE GYM!!

Yes, I’m biting the lazy bullet in the ass, I’m happy at the moment and I’m going to ride with that and try my best to stay on top of the world, I have my friends, I have my lovely and almost devoted readers and listeners (you know who you are) who really cheer up my day with an email here and there, and the occasional voice-mails.

2008 is going to be my year people…no, actually, it’s going to be ours!


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