10 Apps I Use Regularly

10 Apps I Use

I use my iPhone quite a bit, I have a whole load of photography apps as there isn’t a day that goes by in which I’ve not taken at least one photo – I could’ve turned this into a bit of a iPhoneography special but I will leave that for a future post as there are loads I use on a regular basis!

And now, in no particular order, some of my most used apps…


Downcast is a great app for podcast listeners, it’s easy to navigate, provides you with the means to search for most podcasts and if your favourite or new podcast doesn’t seem to be found then you can find the URL for the podcast and add it within the app itself, even the stock app, Podcasts by Apple, doesn’t give you that functionality because everything has to go via the iTunes podcast directory and if it’s not on there, you can only subscribe if you have a computer.

The app also works really well with iCloud and will sync the podcasts you are subbed to onto any other devices you use the account with, for example, I use the app on my iPad and all my podcasts are synced without me doing anything and I can stop listening on my iPhone and pick up where I was listening to on my iPad.

It also has the standard options for auto-deletion of episodes, auto-download of episodes and the like which is great, it also gives you lots of options so you can really tweak everything you want within the app.


I love Ecoute because it’s has such a nice UI, it makes looking through the music on your iPhone a pleasant experience rather that having to scroll through lists of songs to find the one you wanted to listen to, you can see all of your album art and it just looks good, I find that this is something that a large majority of the music apps just don’t offer, it also has options for scrobbling to last.fm which is another little touch that makes it stand out from the crowd – you can also manage playlists on the app too!

Tweetbot 3 for Twitter (iPhone & iPod touch)

Tweetbot 3 is probably my most used app EVER, I’m a slight Twitter addict and this is one of the 4 apps that I allow on the bottom bar of my iPhone so that they are always there when I need them. Tweetbot 3 is such a gorgeous app, it is really personalisable but clean and sleek with it, it gives lots of different options for photo upload services, read later services and also how you view the tweets themselves.

One of the features I love and use almost non-stop is the ability to view lists as your default timeline, I follow almost 9000+ people and there are a large amount of people who I don’t want to miss the tweets from so they get put into my Unmissable list which is always growing!

The app is also very fast, from tweet to post to scroll to upload to favourite to retweet, it doesn’t suffer any lag!


Timehop is one of those apps that you just have to keep revisiting daily, and with good reason because this app gives you the ability to travel back in time!

When you first start using the app you will be asked to connect your various social media accounts and if you so wish you can also install a tiny little app on to your computer and give it the ability to add all of your photos on your computer to the archive it collates (highly recommended – you can select certain folders so you don’t have to worry about those folders that you put those SPECIAL photos in….filthy bastards :P).

You can also add your whole Twitter archive too as Twitter only allows up to 3,000 tweet to be stored normally, just request your archive and upload the zip file to Timehop and it’s absorbed too.

Now the following day is when the magic happens, you open up the app and every single thing that you will see is stuff that you wrote, snapped or updated the world about, on the same day as you are in now, but on a different year, you can share the memories easily via Twitter, Facebook et all easily too!

It’s a truly fascinating and memory-jogging app which I will probably never uninstall!

Day One

I’ve been using Day One now for about 3 years and it’s taken over from my normal journal writing as I can now do it all on the fly and add photos too, I’ve even started to type out my old diary entries from years ago into the app too, it has a passcode option which makes sure that nobody else can read your private thoughts and emotions, it tags where you wrote the journal entry and also what the weather was like as well, little things like this make all the difference I feel and the app looks great too, minimal and functional, iCloud or DropBox backup and PDF export options too, if you keep a diary then you need to get this app now!

Voice Record Pro 7 Full

Voice Record Pro 7 Full is the app I now use to record my podcast when I’m either not at my computer, or just too lazy to set up my microphone to record one.

The great thing about this app is not only does it give me the option to convert the recording I’ve just made to MP3 but it also has built in options for direct FTP upload which means all I have to do is record, upload and then post, it is dead easy and this is the first app that has made it so and I’ve been looking since 2008 for an app that could give me all of those functions!


I started off using the IFTTT service long before it had an app but the app just adds to the functions it can automate.
Say you’ve taken a bunch of selfies and you want to upload them to Facebook but you hate having to log yourself in, then selecting the photos, then uploading….have no fear, IFTTT has things called recipes, so you could create one that would do all of that for you without you having to do all the laborious bits, you could create an album on your phone called “Facebook These” and then have any photos that you add to that album automatically uploaded and posted to a Facebook album of your choice, so easy!

I use IFTTT to automate my YouTube videos to Tumblr and blog posts to Facebook and Twitter, as well as having any photo that I’m tagged in on Facebook downloaded to my Dropbox – I would love it if they manage to get Google+ automation too!


If you have a lot of photos on your phone, which I certainly do, it can sometimes be hard to locate photos taken on certain dates, this is where Photoful makes all of that so easy, on first opening the app it will scan all of your photos and then it will display them in order of days, you can also search for certain years and months too, good if you have been asked to send someone a photo from ages ago and it eliminates scrolling through your entire phone library for 1 photo! [For some reason this app is currently not available for download!]


Now I love Flickr and although the official Flickr app is good, it’s still miles behind Flickstackr in terms of functionality.

When I upload photos to Flickr I’m kind of anal with tagging them correctly, adding them to the correct sets and also any relevant groups, this app just makes doing all of the meta stuff simpler, not only does it do all of that it also gives you similar uploading features for Facebook and it’s now became my batch upload app for Facebook photos, I can caption them all before uploading and add them to the correct albums and it’s just a lot easier that doing it on the website or even the official Facebook app.

There are also features to share photos to Tumblr and Twitter and the ability to download batches of photos both from Flickr and Facebook with ease, cannot recommend this app enough if you use both regularly!

Project 365 Pro

I like to be able to see what photo summed up a certain day and Project 365 Pro gives me the option to create a photographic calendar based on that, some days I can take 100’s of photos and having to choose 1 to sum up the day is fun 🙂

What are your favourite apps? Anything you think I might like to try? Let me know either in the comments section below or via Twitter

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