So after this Wednesday, I will have 10 days off.

10 Days

So after this Wednesday, which will be my final day working at my current job, I will have 10 days off, a nice period of time to switch off from my old job, relax for a while and prepare for my new role which I start on November 5th.

I don’t really know how to spend those days or what to do with them, now usually I’d maybe think about going on little day trips to places or treating myself to a little shopping trip or something, but due to the aforementioned training costs my workplace took from my final salary, it’s been reduced by a substantial amount and after working out all of my bills, I’m not left with very much at all, mentally this reminds me of harder times in my life, when I used to struggle every single month, this isn’t that case now, I want to be quite clear about that, I’m not going to go without food and I still have a roof over my head, I’ve got the support of my partner who has made things feel so much less scary!

My initial reactions when I was told I needed to pay back the training costs were of fear, dread and memories of harder and harsher times, I felt personally attacked and I was angry and sad about it but being able to talk to my partner and normalise my thoughts and feelings about it really did help.

I’m still in this weird mindset about not having my normal income, I think this is very much a stability point for me, being able to manage things after years of debt gave me comfort, knowing that there is going to be 64 days between me and a proper full months income is kinda deflating, but I know that I have support through this and that does bring me comfort.

But yes, I feel like I’ve tangented a little from my initial starting point, I’m trying to thing of things to do during this time, I wish I was able to use my talents to make some money during the downtime but being creative and getting paid for it, happens so rarely – in my whole creative experience, I’ve only been paid for podcasting and that was during the early days of podcasting (2005 – 2012) and it certainly wasn’t a lot of money but it was nice to think that my creativity could justify some form of income.

I also know that I struggle to ask for money, I always have, and the thought of asking for money for my creative outputs just seems selfish, which it is and isn’t but there are some days when I question why I’m doing it, it costs a fair amount to have a creative space online and to make content, even YouTube changed their monetisation policy so that now my videos are no longer worthy of adverts and income, not that I ever got a single payment from them, I was so close to reaching the threshold for a payout and then they changed things so that until I have 1000 subscribers to my channel (I currently have under 500) then I can’t carry on slowly building revenue, I think that also changed my hunger for creating videos on YouTube too.

I’m going post a link to my PayPal.Me/TDYLN – please don’t feel obligated to send me anything, I’m just going to put it there as an option for people who may want to.

I know that I might use some of my 10 days off to start recording episodes for my new podcast, I’m really buzzed about launching it and it would be good to start creating for it soon.

I have a fair number of interested potential future guests so it’s going to be super fun to start recording.

Do you have any ideas for things I can do whilst I’m between jobs that don’t cost anything or if they do, they cost very little?

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