In 150 days time I will finally be completely debt free, something I truly cannot wait for.

150 Days To Go

In 150 days time I will finally be completely debt free, something I truly cannot wait for.

Due to many contributing factors and situations years ago I ended up in a lot of debt with no sensible route out of it all, I was getting final demand notices through the post and I decided to seek help and ended up going down the route of an I.V.A.

The company I went with to get my finances in order are absolutely wonderful and understanding, at the moment I’m paying a substantial amount back – but come October 1st and my final payment being made, I will be officially debt free after 5 years of struggling!

Being on an I.V.A has given me a better understanding of money, anything I’ve wanted over the years I’ve not been able to get unless I’ve sold something or saved for a few months.

I don’t just buy frivolous things or go out for meals all of the time, I respect money.

I’m looking forward to my first debt free payday, I think I will either treat myself to something I’ve previously not been able to afford, or potentially start saving towards some kind of holiday.

Rebuilding my credit score is going to take time but using ClearScore I’ll be able to track it and hopefully see it rise again!

One of the major things that rebuilding my credit will aid is Tom and I moving out of my stepdad’s house and into our own, after speaking to a really helpful estate agent a few weeks ago, he told me where my credit would need to be to be accepted, I’d asked about the possibilities of renting with an I.V.A and he said although some places would do, the majority of them would require a 6 or 12 month upfront rent payment…yikes!

I’ve been writing a blog post which will finally get published once we get our own place, it’s basically what we went through last year when we started looking to move out, capturing the whole process should be an interesting read hopefully!

Have any of you guys had an I.V.A before? I’d be curious to hear your experiences with them and how you rebuilt your credit scores!

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