2017 has been a big year for me, at the beginning of the year I challenged myself to come out of my comfort zone as much possible and I think I actually did so…

2017 : A Review

2017 has been a big year for me, at the beginning of the year I challenged myself to come out of my comfort zone as much possible and I think I actually did so!

I started my new year in Amsterdam with my partner, Jos (Lion), up until this point in my life I’d never even had a passport, let alone been abroad, so to be able to spend Christmas and New Year in Amsterdam and Utrecht with him, his friends and family was one of the most heartwarming experiences of my life, Amsterdam will always have a special place in my heart because of this.

Starting the year on such a high point felt so good and I was determined to ride that wave as much as I possibly could throughout 2017.

I’m going attempt to review each month individually, I’m sure there are going to be months when nothing happened, but some of the months are going to be big and full of content!


To be honest, there wasn’t really a lot that happened in January – I went to London a few times, I finally got to meet the gorgeous Jonas when he’d moved to London from Denmark, I’m happy to call him a friend nowadays and not just someone I know online :3


So in February I went for a big interview in London for a potential job role change, I was super nervous about it and massively out of my comfort zone – but I later found out that I’d passed and been offered the position I’d hoped to get!

I also cooked for my Lion for the first time, which was nice, first night I made a chilli and a couple of days after this, we made fajitas together, I know it doesn’t sound like anything spectacular but it was so nice to do that for the first time, I cook regularly now and love it, but the first few times I remember being super nervous and really hoped that he liked what I’d made!



Another month in which not much happened…this review of the year is incredible so far, right?! LOL

Well, I met Alyssa Edwards when she came to Cambridge…

I also had to deal with someone trying to cause unneeded drama, I’m not here to name names or shame anyone but this was someone I genuinely had a lot of time for, someone who I thought I was able to be good friends with but that didn’t go to plan when drama was caused one evening and then after asking why, getting a flat out denial that anything of the sort happened…no time for that, it’s a shame but I wasn’t going to be lied to!


I remember spending a lovely time in London with Jos in April, we spent the day shopping, walking around the city, having sushi and a few drink at The Kings Arms.

April was also the month in which, after 11 years, I returned to Manchester to attend an event called BearBash, for those that are unaware why this was a big thing for me, I was in an abusive relationship with a guy I’d moved up to Manchester with and I was always petrified to return, just encase I saw him again.

I didn’t see him at all when I was there and I don’t think it would’ve even affected me because I was surrounded by so much care and love from my friends, old and new, I changed in a massive positive way being there again and can’t wait to go back in 2018!

I recorded a video of my time in Manchester too…it was an emotional journey and I’ve grown MASSIVELY since!


In May I took a couple of different trips to London, one with Jos when he went to renew his passport and we also got to catch up with the lovely Tom and then again when I spent a weekend with friends but other than that it was a pretty normal month.


Oh June…

June started off on a bit of a positive, I performed at a poetry slam at Strawberry Fair and won…

But then…I started to get very unwell, so unwell in fact I ended up in hospital for a few days…

It was one of the scariest times I’d ever been through, I made a second video about it after so many people had asked me why I’d been in hospital…

If you didn’t watch these, then I’ll sum it up quickly here, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A, I was one of many people I knew that had it too, all of us had been up in Manchester, so somehow we’d all contracted it there, luckily I recovered fully but slowly over the following months and I am now immune!


July was a difficult month – my Lion got ill too, I was still in recovery and was thankful that I was signed off of work because this meant I was able to take care of him whilst he was recovering too.

I had a birthday but I didn’t really feel like celebrating it because of everything that had been happening.

Lion did treat me to tickets to see Russell Brand at the Cambridge Corn Exchange for my birthday though! It was such a great show too!


In August, me, Jos and Jack went to Amsterdam for Pride, it was an incredible trip, I also vlogged whilst we were there and made a video about the trip too…


September signalled the start of me working in my new role, Trainee Manager. During September I also attended a 3-day training to start the road on getting my first qualification in my role, Fitness Instructor!

I was so nervous beforehand, I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t going to do very well…but in fact I passed all of the exams, annoyingly my fitness instructor exams were on the same day as the regional poetry finals I’d qualified for back in June and I wasn’t able to attend, such a shame!

September was also the month when after months of illness, blood tests, bland food and non-alcoholic drinks, we were able to start consuming alcohol again and to do so we went to Norwich to a place called the Belgian Monk and drank an obscene amount of beer!


October bought around the final assessment for my fitness instructor qualification, I was monumentally nervous – on the day of the assessment, me and my mum met at 5:30am to get a 6:00am train to London to get to where we needed to be for 8:00am, and we made it, early by 30 minutes of so.


This was a pretty normal month, I got the opportunity to travel to Lincoln for work and checked out the place whilst I was there.

I also got the opportunity to be part of XXL’s 2018 campaign and went to London for the photoshoot, it’s so nice to start seeing these photos out in the wild and in magazines! Surreal but in such a good way!


I got to spend my first Christmas in my new place with my Lion, it was also his first Christmas in the UK, it was so nice!

I treated him to a theatre trip to see the Book of Mormon, something I know he’d wanted to see for a while – it was an amazing show and seeing his face whilst watching it was awesome :3

We also got the opportunity to have breakfast with our friends at the Duck & Waffle which was an incredible experience, the lift ride is INTENSE!

I also got to hang out with my friend Rhys and explore bits of Kings Lynn and Norwich which was fun.

So all in all, 2017 was an incredible year for me, with a few dips but I’ve loved it, and the people who have made it what it was <3

Thanks for reading if you got this far!

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