Amazon Purchases From The Past

I don’t know why but I was having a look on my Amazon account earlier and found that it keeps a record of literally everything you’ve ever bought, so I decided to go and see what I was buying years ago and then share the details with you!

19 December 2008

The Big Penis Book : The Fascinating Phallus

Erm….yeah, I bought this…HAHA!!

An interesting factoid about this book was that the sleeve of the book was plastic and made the underwear that you see on the front of the book, if removed you saw the penis underneath, clever design/pornography!


Blimey, as if that was the first thing to appear that was worth sharing!

31 December 2009

Canon EOS 500D


My first ever, and still my current DSLR camera, I love using it but don’t use it enough, I would love to do a photo shoot for people at some point though so who knows!

14 May 2011

Microsoft LifeCam


This very webcam is the thing that started getting me to record videos for YouTube again!

13 July 2011

Creative Labs Vado HD 4 GB Pocket Video Camcorder

I bought this and a large majority of mine and Fiona’s videos were recorded on it until it just stopped working one day!

17 April 2012

Panasonic SD90 Full HD Camcorder


In 2012 I was lucky to have been gifted with Amazon gift certificates in a competition at work and used them to buy my current camcorder which I used for the majority of my YouTube videos!

14 October 2012

My Size Condoms

This company makes condoms of all different sizes because all penises come in lots of different sizes and most companies only make them in a set size, these make a difference!

31 March 2013

Lighting Kit

These are the lights I bought to improve the lighting for my YouTube videos but the downside to them is that they are fucking enormous and take up too much room, will be using them properly when Tom and I get our own house though!

6 September 2013

Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

This simple little kitchen appliance has helped us create many an amazing dish – lots of pulled pork, stews and curries!

26 September 2014

Can You Take The Heat?: The Official Cookbook of the WWF

I am so surprised that I found this book because it’s so rare, JR himself tweeted me when I told him I bought it too!

It’s also reminded me that I used to blog about what I’d bought many years ago – See here, here and here!

I might start doing that again, I like sharing different aspects of my life!

Anyway that’s all that’s worth sharing, hope this blog was interesting in some way!

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