I don’t want to be British anymore, I’m so fucking ashamed of this xenophobic, hateful excuse of a country!

The stupid fuckers that think we will be “Great” once again and that blame immigration and foreigners taking our jobs…what a load of fucking bullshit, I know many Europeans that have come over here and have paid into the system from day one, they haven’t had to live off of the state and ironically the people that have likely been saying this shit are probably the ones that live off of the state and think they deserve it but have never paid IN.

The pound is at its lowest point since 1985, I believe this is the start of an avalanche of shit things to come.

I guarantee that sometime in the future I will leave this country and never come back, I’m prouder to be European than I am proud to be a Brit.

To any and all of my European brothers and sisters, I fucking love you – I’m just sorry that xenophobia and lies have made you feel unwelcome.

Even with this terrible result I did see that Cambridge voted to remain, my city has common sense and accepts multiculturalism and diversity.

I’m so angry at my country 😡

6 thoughts on “Ashamed

  1. I stand by you. Unfortunately being crippled because of someone else’s stupidity (drinking his Diet Coke rather than paying attention to the traffic) I know how it feels to have your stability ripped from under you. At one time I’d have been able to move abroad but can’t now & will just have to stay & suffer.

  2. Carl says:

    It’s a load of old bollocks dude. You’re lucky that Cambridge wanted to remain, Norfolk as a whole decided that there were too many people who weren’t blood relatives coming to the county so something needed to be done. What is worse is that 71% of people in Great Yarmouth (just a mile down the road from me) voted “OUT”.

    I’ve just had a shift at work where 7 out of 10 people I talked to, decided to fuck this country over because there’s “too many foreigners”. I had to bite tongue so often knowing this little fact. Some racist old dear asked “are you happy with the result?” and I had to be truthful. “No I’m not, in fact I’m furious. I’m thinking about moving to Scotland”

    So many smug faces so many intrusive thoughts. Thank goodness I don’t have tourettes.

    I’ve got a big bag of “I told you so” for those people when the Boris becomes king.

    Funny how it’s not about immigrants yet no one can tell me why they voted “out” without using that word (or others like it).

  3. Vali says: A funny Romanian campaign. The point is: I have only 5 months in uk and my expectations were completely different when i came here. At work i don’t have any problems, but every day is a total surprise for me, is very frustrating when people ask you from what country you are and what you doing in uk, tourist, student? When i say that im from Romania and im working here they turn the back to me, probably if i say that im gay expect to be attacked, or at least to wake up with a bag in head from a frustreted old man or lady because i came to steal jobs here. The fact that i spend 11 hours at work and i pay taxes like everyone here is totally irrelevant now. Many people with whom I interact dying to see foreigners leave, especially Eastern Europeans. So i have all qualities here, FOREIGNER, EST EUROPEAN, ROMANIAN…and yes…GAY. ”Welcome to me in UK, welcome to me in Cambridge.”
    Sorry for my bad english, Cheers

    • TDYLN says:

      Do you live in Cambridge? We should have coffee!

      • Vali says:

        Yep. I live in Cambridge, sound as a good ideea. 🙂 you have my e-mail.

        • TDYLN says:

          Apparently I cannot locate said email – feel free to email me at

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