I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating and painful as backache, ok maybe toothache but backache is up there.

I woke up yesterday morning in agony and it took about 5 minutes before I could move myself out of bed, great…I called work to let them know I was in pain and wanted to give them a heads up just encase I wasn’t going to be able to go in, I had a hot shower and took some strong painkillers to try an alleviate it but a couple of hours later I was still in pain and struggling to move without discomfort so I had to call in sick.

I’m someone who doesn’t call in sick unless I REALLY have to, I know how it affects the workplace and hate that I had to do so not only yesterday but also now today as well. FFS.

I’m so thankful that my rostered days off this week are Thursday and Friday as I’m going to use these days to keep rested and recovered and finger crossed I’ll be fighting fit for the weekend.

I’ve recently been considering trying to be more healthy to try and shift some poundage and having this pain is kind of a kick up the arse, I know I’m overweight and I know that it’s likely that it’s contributed to it in someway, I’m interested in trying to do so via slimming word and by walking a lot more, have any of you suffered with back pain? Do you have any ways you helped alleviate it?

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