The first thing he told me was “I have some bad news for you”

Bad News

It’s a little past midnight and I’ve just finished reading Cambridge Black by Alison Bruce, it’s the seventh and final book in her series of books and I’ve genuinely enjoyed every single one.

So last week I posted a blog whilst I was sat in Starbucks, watching the world go by, and at that point I was feeling pretty good about things and had planned to head to work to speak to my line manager to discuss formalities regarding my resignation, which I did, I pedalled myself to work and waiting for him to arrive and once he turned up, the first thing he told me was “I have some bad news for you” 😒

The bad news was that because I was leaving the company during my trainee management scheme, I was liable to pay back the training fees for my fitness instructor qualification, my lifeguarding qualification and my pool plant operation qualification because we signed something at the beginning of the scheme to agree to this, I wasn’t however expecting them to take it as a lump sum from my forthcoming payday, to the tune of £845 – I genuinely felt my blood run cold and then hot as I tried to process it all – I called a couple of head office people and sent an email with everyone CC’d in that I could think of to ask a whole bunch of questions about it.

The fear of not having enough money to live on was my first reaction, there are some months in which I feel things are a little tight money wise but through sensible spending and saving I’ve actually managed to do find myself doing better with money, as someone that was in debt once, that fear is all too real!

So to be told that a gigantic chunk of your wages won’t be seen is really unpleasant, not only that but because I’m starting a new job on the 5th November I’m pretty sure my initial payday will only be 2 weeks worth of pay, I feel like the next month or so is going to be tight, like me trying to fix my arse into a pair of 28″ skinny jeans, that’s fucking tight!

I was able to talk about it with my partner and he’s been super supportive and has helped to calm a lot of my fears about it all, yes it’s going to be thoroughly unpleasant for a while but it’ll be worth it once everything settles back into some form of normality.

I should really get myself ready for bed, I hadn’t planned to stay up like this but I began reading and then just felt like writing something myself.

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