Song of Choice : Madonna – Runaway Lover

I finished work at 2 o’clock and went for lunch with L and D, we sat in Tatties (The guy who serves us has a weird face and scares me), after lunch I make my way around town and decide to return to WH Smith to look at the bargain shelf….oh and there is a bucket too!! YAY!!!!

I bought

  • Sash – with my own eyes
  • Public Domain – Operation Blade
  • Precocious Brats – Big Girl
  • Jemini – Cry Baby
  • Jason Nevins presents u.k.n.y feat Holly James – I’m in Heaven
  • Rainbow – It’s a Rainbow (zippy version, which I’ve been looking for ages)
  • Pet Shop Boys – Miracles (maxi cd)
  • Gouryella – Tenshi
  • Anastacia – Cowboys & Kisses
  • Chemical Bros – Star Guitar
  • Missy Elliot – Pass That Dutch
  • Missy Elliot – 4 my People
  • Darude – Feel the Beat
  • Sugababes – New Year
  • Moloko – Familiar Feeling
  • Sugababes – Hole in the Head cd 1 & 2
  • Buffalo G – We’re Really Saying Something (Irish Rap at its best….Erm….)
  • Emma – Maybe
  • Dare – Chihuahua
  • Chistina Aguilera – The Voice Within
  • Philly Beats feat Sophia – Voulez Vous
  • The Barndance Boys – Yippie-i-Oh (Now I know why this was in the bargain bucket/shelf)
  • Backstreet Boys – Drowning (ltmd edition)
  • Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne – Changes

I carry the pile of CDs to the till and the cashier looks shocked and says “Oh my god!!”.

After that I had a quick browse through HMV before going back to work to buy something for my computer so I can copy video to MPEG.

Supposed to be going to G’s with H, L and her kids, so I rush home, get changed and sit and wait for H to call me, H calls, E is ill so G cancels…meh!! All dressed up and nowhere to go!!

Try to get the video copier thing to work but it doesn’t, I’d expect something for £70 to do the job, oh well that’s Argos for you!!

Remixed yet another Madonna Video, this time I took on Paradise using the video used in the Drowned World tour, I hope she tours again soon.

Having serious thoughts about leaving Argos, I’m fed up with it all, the attitude of the staff, the same crap routine everyday, and I’ll feel I try as hard to achieve my best,
it’s never enough…always never enough, I need to set my sights higher, I can do better, just got get the confidence and the will to make “that” step.

Been listening to Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne – Changes (Felix DA Housecat’s Dance Mix), not a big fan of the original but I like this version 🙂

ciao twinkle x x x


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