Bent and Bruised

So on Tuesday I was cycling to work and ended up skidding on something and then fell off of my bike and hard onto my left hand side, since then my ankle has been in a lot of pain.

This has meant I’m pretty much sedentary and I’m getting a little fed up with it – it takes me about 10 times as long to just get up and down the stairs, it’s making me feel a little stir crazy, painkillers are helping me manage the pain but I just want to be able to walk normally again!

There’s also the issue of my bike, when I fell, the handlebars took a hefty whack too and they are now bent out of shape.

Now currently I don’t have any money to get them fixed, and even after payday I won’t have enough to budget them being fixed so I’m annoyingly going to have to cycle (once my ankle allows) with fucked up handlebars…

Oddly when Tom and I were away for our anniversary I mentioned that it’s when I don’t have enough money that something goes wrong with my bike, talk about tempting fate!

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