It’s important to me to document or at least capture when I have moments like this, it helps me focus and try to make sense of things.

So today I woke up feeling really sad, like proper “I’m about to cry” sad. No reason behind it, nothing that I’m aware of that would be causing me to feel like this.

I made breakfast and then had a shower and after I finished showering I made my way to our spare room/changing room and just stood in there feeling bloody awful.

I’m not sure if it’s a culmination of the recent humid weather twinned with my recovery from tonsillitis that’s dragged my mood down but it’s very unlike me!

I’m working today, I think it’s good that I’m kept busied and occupied when I feel like this, stops me from simmering it and allows me to think straight.

Do you even have days like this?

2 years ago around this time I suffered from a depressive spell, I know it’s not that, it’s really not, but it’s a hump/grump day for sure.

I think I just need to be cuddled lol

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