This blog post was written on so many different days and over a course of a couple of months and I didn’t just want to just delete it so I thought I’d try to make it into something…not sure what that something is but I want to get it out of my drafts and into the world…so….enjoy?!

P.S. I’m going to try and return to a more regular schedule of posting soon!

It’s a Saturday morning as I sit here in my dressing gown, one leg “seductively” out as if to entice but there’s no-one here to entice, even the curtains are closed so not even a casual exposure can occur if someone walks past the window. But I’m feeling this “leg out” moment, I think from certain angles there would definitely be a hint of testicle too but I don’t want “the boys” to get cold.

So seductive…LOL

Although I just called my testicles “the boys” I’ve never actually given my genitals a nickname, I wouldn’t know where to start, I mean how do you come up with a name suitable? Something that it will carry throughout the years, something that it has to live up to, to aim for, to personify!

I’ve heard some people call there own penis “Little (insert name here)” but for me that gives the impression that it’s small, not that size matters and all that, it doesn’t, but there’s no power behind it. I know a guy that calls his “Little (insert name here)” which is so far from the truth and it just makes my brain (and it would probably make my hole – sorry, couldn’t resist such an easy joke) hurt.

I’d be really interested to know…

  • Do you name your junk?
  • If so, what do you call it?
  • Why do you name it?

I don’t know why I’ve started this blog post off by talking about named junk but I just decided to roll with it and see where it took me and so far it’s been a ride…LOL – I found a reddit thread with nicknames which gave me a giggle.

This weekend is going to be nice and chilled, the last couple of months it seems like there’s been a lot of things planned which has been super nice.

I’ve been to stay with my utterly adorable friend Matt a couple of times, he’s taken me to the theatre, we’ve been clubbing, he’s shown me the best place for pretzels and he’s just really fun to be around and I can’t wait to see him again soon!

Me and Matt

Also got to spend a PAWSOME weekend as Eli (my pup side) with the incredible wonderful, cute, gorgeous and lovely Jagd – it had been some time since I’d last got to see him and it was lovely to have him stay with Lion and I, just having him around made us happy, we have a lot of love for him!

Jagd and Eli

Last weekend was super nice again because we got to have our friend Chris stay with us for the weekend and it was so nice having him here – we explored Cambridge, had the most fluffiest pancakes (made by Chris)

Literally the best pancakes I’ve ever had 
Chris – gorgeous and cute with a heart of gold

So this is where this blog fast forwards a whole week and all of the aforementioned things above are now 7 days late, I did plan to post this on the day I started writing it but as per usual I start something and don’t finish it within my own imposed timescales!

Yesterday (22nd March) marked 3 years since I first met my partner (Lion), it’s amazing to me that meeting that man has changed and continues to change my life in so many ways and I’m so glad that he chose to have me in his life ❤️

My diary entry from the day I met Jos (Lion)

I took Lion out for a meal last night in Cambridge to celebrate, it felt so nice to be able to do that – the food was so good, the wine was chosen by Lion as I’m the first to admit that I know very little about wine or wine and food pairings, and as always, he didn’t disappoint, he never disappoints! ☺️

The amount of love I have for this man is insane 🥰

So with this fast-fowardy timey-whimey blog post I’m now currently sat on a train to London, I’m going to stay with the aforementioned cutie, Matt! I’m really looking forward to seeing him!

The train is packed but I got lucky and managed to secure what seemed to be the last remaining seat on the whole train, I feel a weird sense of victory and also a sense of relief that I don’t need to stand up or sit in a luggage rack for an hour, it’s the little things!

I’m sat here trying to wrap this mess of a blog post into something tangible but it’s just really all over the place, I think I needed to get this post out before I started concentrating on new posts – which is definitely something I’d like to start doing again!

It’s a wrap, folks!

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  1. I call my partners peen Nudge…which on reflection also feels like it undersells (just like Little xxxxx) as it makes it sound like a small poke!

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